Not My Style:

Ooook, I admit--I can be a little indecisive and color-shy.  But I know for certain that creations will NOT be in our new home. 

Giant Cat Couch:

 Storybook Bed--Kinda cool...but no thanks:) you google "Octopus Chair" you can actually have an entire octopus room...chairs, sofas, tables...the works!  EEK!

Feeling Blue...

Nooooooo...I'm not sad...but I'm REALLY "feelin'" the color blue lately! I've never considered myself a blue room kind of girl but with examples like these how could I NOT be!

 *love* the yellow rug too!
  Inspired Rooms

"Peacock" Living Room--Super fun!

I love that all of these examples have "kid-friendly" colored sofas!
Making It Lovely

Surprisingly, love the zebra too!

We've Moved...finally!

Ok! Woot! After several failed attempts, I have finally figured out how to blog from my phone...just until we get the internet at our new place. THAT'S right, people...Jenn B. and Family have finally found an acceptable home to rent in Charleston...aaaand we were the first to apply for it. Geez, you really have to be on your toes in this town!

I don't know if I am more excited about the big back yard for my babies or how UGLY it currently is...should make for some fun before and after blogs!

Don't have any preview pictures on my phone (sorry) but take my word for it. Its. Ugly! We're talking YELLOW countertops in the kitchen and half white/half natural wood colored trim ugly:) And don't get me started on how long we scrubbed before actually allowing our children to step foot inside. Our tiny master bath single-handedly helped me get over my fear of home buying commitment. YYYYuck!

Never the less: we're in, its let th decorating commence!

Its a GIRL!

So...I caved!  I had grand intentions of keeping the sex of the baby a complete surprise until "its" day of arrival but once I got in that room and saw those cute little tootsies I just hadda know.  To our surprise, we're having another little girl.  Awwww...

In celebration of that I thought I'd blog about something uber girly...and what's more girly than POM POMS!!  I am absolutely in love with these and they're sooooooooo easy to make (complements of Martha)!  Indeed, my girls (love the way that girls <3) will will have some hanging in their room.

Ooooh, I'm also really diggin' that "window box" book holder!

Side-Tracked: The Royal Wedding...

Yes, I know my blog is supposed to be about HOMES that inspire me...but today was all about the Royal Wedding!  I completely bought into the hype--MY little princess and I wore fancy hats, ate finger sandwiches and waved as the new Dutchess of Cambridge road by in her horse drawn carriage!  My favorite part?  The HATS (and Prince Harry *swoon*)!!

Honorable Mentions (safe yet classy choices):

 Queen Sofia of Spain, Prince Felipe of Asturias and Princess Letizia of Asturias
 Charlene Wittstock
 Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Daniel of Sweden
Sophie, Countess of Wessex

Caught My Eye!

 Yeah he did! 

Such a bold/fun hat, Zara Phillips!

Controversial figure or not--this girl can rock a hat!
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

 The Deputy Prime Minister's wife, Miriam Gonzalez Durantez.  Her hat his fabulous--otherwise, she looks like she's headed to a brothel.  Yeah, I said it.  THIS IS A CLASSY EVENT, LADY:)

Sophie Winkleman, Lady Frederick Windsor
My favorite hat of the day!

Best Overall:

The mother of the bride, Carole Middleton looked as beautiful as her daughters!

Things I Love

1.  God.  Although, unlike my mother-in-law I do not wish to have one BILLION angel nic-nacs displayed around my house.  Instead, how about a pew or two?!?!

2.  This dining room rug...and the woman ballzy enough to put it in her otherwise traditional dining room!

3.  Open cabinets.  I think this would be fun to do if you rent a home with cheap cabinets...just remove the doors and voila--people will be so busy drooling over your insanely organized cabinets they won't have time to notice the fact they're practically made of particle board:)

4.  These letter press cards...hilarious!

5.  This little cloud guy...I've this and other variations all over kid/decor blogs recently but still can't find the original source...but it says Etsy all over it!

6.  Big round tables...and a space big enough to fit them!
I lost my favorite example...this one is from decorpad!

7.  Mismatched things that somehow go together.  Love the "undecorated" look!

My inspiration for Audrey's room!


8.  Charleston.  Whether or no we'll live here for the rest of our lives is yet unknown.  But how could I not always love this place?  First love, best friends, beach days, marriage, heart and HOME will always have a special place for Charleston!  Love the idea of framing an old map of Charleston--maybe in a foyer??

Like this from CountryLiving--but not as bold/modern.  More antique/vintage. 

9.  Wallpaper--yeah I said it!  This isn't the best example but not a bad one, either (and its getting late and momma's sleeeepy)!  When its done right--wallpaper has sooo much potential!

10. Nude art.  I cannot wait to hang these Douglas Portway photos in my bathroom. 
Gotta love a sassy big-girl!  Look at the expression on her face--she's so comfortable and confident!

Love this--its just an abstract sketch of such a common nude pose. 

Mod Podge! Who knew?!?!

So, when I think of decoupage I think of magazine clippings of "mom's favorite things" pasted to the back of glass, dollar-store bowls for Mother's Day..or a decoupage shoebox for my daughter's favorite trinkets.

Friends--that all changed tonight!

Mr. B still has his old dresser from when he was a child.  Its pretty "boyish" right now but we thought with a little sanding, paint and some new "girly" hardware it would be perfect for Audrey's room until she gets a little older.  The only problem is that it has a laminate top which we all know will not take well to paint.  *hrmph*  Who would put laminate over perfectly good wood?!?!  Guess they were going for durability--because it has held up very well through the years and has virtually no scratches.

Anyhoo--turns out Mod Podge is the answer to our prayers!  Its a glue, sealer and finish--all in one!  Just pick your favorite paper or fabric, apply Mod Podge and VOILA!  Insta-style <3  Check out what others have made!

This is the first photo I came across while perusing Mod Podge Rocks--a blogspot recommended by a friend.  Anything and everything you need to know about Mod Podge is on "Amy's" blog--including video tutorials!

Brilliant idea!  Only the center of our dresser is laminate so I think I'll like the results even more!
I found a lot of these examples when I googled, "Mod Podge dressers."

Here are some "adult" pieces.  As much as I love the idea I admit I'm not artsy enough to want it all throughout my home.  But maybe you are?!?!

This one was made from aluminum foil, Mod Podge and a little black paint for antiquing!